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We believe organizations can learn a great deal from honeybees. A healthy hive depends on everyone having a purpose, working together to achieve the goal of the whole, communicating effectively, and working efficiently.

Three Hive Consulting Inc. is an Alberta-based management consulting firm that provides a range of services aimed at helping you achieve your vision through learning and improvement. We specialize in program evaluation and applied research.

Three principles are fundamental to our hive:

Communicate and think

Strive to understand and know why

Smart work

Don’t just work hard, work smart

Eye on the prize

Do today in anticipation of tomorrow

Honeybees spontaneously form teams that assemble and dissolve much like a consultancy. They have a knack for deploying themselves in the right numbers and right ways to produce their yields. The can do this well because they have a diverse workforce that at any given time contains bees at different levels of maturity who are able to fulfill different functions under varied conditions.

The Wisdom of Bees by Michael O’Malley

Honeybees have unique sensory abilities that make each one best at a particular search and collection task. Efficiency requires that the work of the group be subdivided into meaningful parts or activities and that those who are responsible for fulfilling activities are the ones best suited for each job.

The Wisdom of Bees by Michael O’Malley

Honeybees have honed an exceptionally complex system of information exchange by which they monitor internal and external conditions, convey hive status and needs to one another, and direct activities.

The Wisdom of Bees by Michael O’Malley

Honeybees have clear objectives; they are excellent communicators and are able to quickly take in and consolidate information—and transform that information into coordinated action; and they are reliable workers that are very good at what they do.

Our Approach

To us, learning and improving is about mastering the three U’s:

Our Work




Project Mgmt & Planning

Our Clients

  • Edmonton North Primary Care Network
  • St. Albert & Sturgeon Primary Care Network
  • Leduc Beaumont Devon Primary Care Network
  • McLeod River Primary Care Network
  • West Peace Primary Care Network
  • Sexsmith Spirit River Primary Care Network
  • Bighorn Primary Care Network
  • Peace Region Primary Care Network
  • Northwest Primary Care Network
  • Alberta Camping Association
  • Toward Optimized Practice (TOP)
  • 7 cities on Housing and Homelessness
  • College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA)
  • Alberta Health Services – Talent Management Strategies
  • Edmonton Multicultural Coalition
  • Familia Association Alberta
  • Heavy Users of Service

Our Team

Just like honeybees, Three Hive can assemble the right team for you. We have a variety of consultants with a wide range of skills and expertise to fulfill your various needs.


Nowadays we are bombarded with data.

Scatterplots of the most overrated films. Stacked bar charts with Trump’s most frequent words. Line charts showing the high and lows of the stock market.

We humans love our data and when we show that data effectively it can make a huge difference in how it is understood - in other words, telling the story we want to tell.

Storytelling with Data: Data Visualization in Excel

In this 1-day workshop, we will explore what effective data visualization is by learning about:

  • The science of human perception. Did you know that we did not just arbitrarily choose to villainize pie charts? There is actual science behind why this graph is usually not the best graph for understanding your data.
  • How to move from showing to telling. In other words, figure out what story you are trying to tell with your data and then pick the chart that tells that story best (yes, there are more options than the boring old column chart we were taught to make back in the day).
  • Design. Just as there is science behind how we perceive things, there are design principals that can enhance understanding of our data. You’ll reduce clutter, use font and colour to highlight important information, and add text where it belongs – not where Excel tells you it should go.

And of course, we have built in lots of time for you to bring out your inner data nerd and practice working in Excel. You’ll enhance your line charts, make bar and column charts that stand out, and experiment with dot plots and diverging stacked bar charts.

"I think a lot of time when we're busy we just accept the default that excel gives us, but this workshop was refreshing and reminded me that I could do better" [Workshop participant testimonial]

Topics we will cover:

  • Overview of how humans perceive and process information
  • Stories we tell with data
  • Overview of chart types and which to choose for your story. Including charts you’ve probably never even heard of (e.g.dot plots, slopegraphs, tree maps, lollipop graphs)
  • Choosing color and font wisely
  • Free colour and font resources to use
  • How to format your graphs in Excel using design principals
  • Considerations for employing these learnings in your practice

Target audience:

People from all backgrounds, sectors and types of roles should attend. Of most importance it that you are open to changing the way you present data. We will be using Excel so you should have a laptop with Excel on it and have basic Excel skills (e.g. enter and arrange data on a spreadsheet and insert charts)

For more information email info@threehive.ca

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